TANDEM is an abbreviation for «Trauma and Development Education Monitor».
It is a standardised web-based questionnaire that measures trauma competence, intended for organisations that run education or competence programs in this field.

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One-off mapping that provides a «snapshot» of the level of competence in a unit or group. Provides data only at group level.


The full version of TANDEM. To be completed before and after a competence program. Provides data at individual level and allows for research into factors that affect learning outcomes.


Simplified version of TOTAL. To be completed before and after a competence program, but provides data only at group level.

TANDEM allows insight into the trauma competence of a unit or group, and how this competence develops from before to after participation in a competence program.

TANDEM TOTAL also allows exploring how characteristics of the participants or the competence program affect learning outcomes.

In this way, TANDEM can be used dialogically to adapt competence programs to the needs of a certain unit or group. It will also provide knowledge about how to best organise the competence building work in this field.

Participants respond via a link or QR code. As responding time is just 10 minutes in average, TANDEM may be easily integrated into ongoing competence building work.

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TANDEM has been developed in a cooperation between the five regional resource centres on violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention in Norway (RVTS), the Norwegian centre for violence and traumatic stress studies, Øsbytunet, and The Children’s house.

The development of TANDEM has been led by RVTS west, and RVTS west is the formal owner of the instrument. As TANDEM is protected by copyright one must be a formal partner by contract to use it. Partnerships are offered free of charge to organisations working in accordance with TANDEM´s objectives.

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